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2011: TELEVISION William Shatner's "Weird or What" - Freaks of Nature, Discovery Channel and History Channel, Canada.

2011: RADIO Whitley Strieber's Dreamland Radio, Unknown Country Time Travel January 22, 2011.

2010: TELEVISION Ancient Aliens H2, History Channel, Kevin Burns, Promethesus Entertainment Los Angles, CA, Season 2 Opener: Mysterious Places.

Coral Gables Living Magazine

2010: TELEVISION Learning Channel and Discovery "Return to the Bermuda Triangle" International Broadcast November 2010.

2010: TELEVISION Discovery Channel "Bermuda Triangle Exposed" March 2010.

2009: TELEVISION National Geographic Channel "Mysterios Science", The Truth behind the Bermuda Triangle.

2009: RADIO George Noory's Coast to Coast AM Coast to Coast AM Radio;December 6, 2009.

2009: TELEVISION History Channel Mystery Quest October 2009.

2009: RADIO BBC Radio with Tom Mangold, June 2009.

2009: TELEVISION Sci Fi Channel and History Channel UFO Hunters; May 2009.

2009: TELEVISION ABC Primetime "Good Morning America Interview", Feburary 2009.

2009: RADIO Coast to Coast Radio Interview, August 2009.

2009: TELEVISION Italian TV Documentary Bermuda Triangle, July 2009.

Sun Newspaper Boca Raton
Timelife Books : Mystic Places

2008: TELEVISION Fox News National HANNITY America, Conspiracy Month Series: paranormal disappearances of boats and planes. Graveyard of the Atlantic, Experiencing the Bermuda Triangle. An in-depth look at the Bermuda Triangle from a man who says he experienced the phenomenon.

2006: TELEVISION National Geographic Television and Film, Owen Palmquist, Producer, “Is it Real?” Series of the Bermuda Triangle

2006 TELEVISION Japanese Chiho Fujii, Producer of Top Spin Creative Production Co., New York, “ Film of Bruce Gernon’s flight into the Bermuda Triangle".

2006: TELEVISION Poland TVN , Joanna Maro, Journalist and Maciek Trojanowski, Polish Narrator and Actor, “ Documentary of Bruce Gernon’s Flight in the Bermuda Triangle".

The Palm Beach Post

2005: TELEVISION “Bermuda Triangle Investigations, NIGHTBEAT, Live TV interview with Barry Nolan, Bruce Gernon and Rob MacGregor “The Fog, Book Interview".

2005: TELEVISION History Channel….”Bermuda Triangle Investigations with researchers and scientists.

2005: TELEVISION Sci-Fi Channel, Lestor Holt, NBC Anchorman, “Bermuda Triangle Interview.

2003: TELEVISION Discovery Kids Network, “Truth or Scare Two”;Bermuda Triangle Investigations.

2003: TELEVISION Learning Channel, GRB Entertainment; “Mysterious Worlds”; Bermuda Triangle Interview and film.

2003: TELEVISION Travel Channel Bermuda Triangle “Mysterious Places to Travel”

2003: TELEVISION Dutch Television program, BNN TV, Eefje Janssen, The Netherlands.

2002: TELEVISION The National Geographic, Simon Ludgate, Director, Producer and writer, London, UK “Inside the Bermuda Triangle: Two Series".

2002: TELEVISION Canadian Television “Legends of the Sea”.

Fate Magazine

2001: TELEVISION The Discovery Channel, Silverman Productions, “Inside the Bermuda Triangle.”

2001: TELEVISION the Discovery Channel, Bob Strange, Pioneer Productions, England. SERIES “Mystic Places￿

2002: TELEVISION The Discovery Channel produced by Kevin Barry, California. Interview and documentary of Bruce Gernon’s Flight in the “Bermuda Triangle”

2000: TELEVISION The Learning Channel, Bruce Burgess Dandelion Ltd., England, “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?”

1995: TELEVISION 1995: TELEVISION The Discovery Channel, British Broadcasting Corp. Arthur C. Clarke "Mysterious Universe Series “Squaring the Bermuda Triangle".￿

National Enquirer
The Palm Beach Post
Fate Magazine
William Shatner's "Weird or What" TV Series

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