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Is there an explanation for the thousands of people who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? What can we learn from Charles Lindbergh, Christopher Columbus, and Bruce Gernon - the coauthor of The Fog --all of whom survived their frightening encounter in the Bermuda Triangle? Others have seen parts of this phenomenon and some have seen it, but vanished. Gernon is the only person to have witnessed its birth stage through the mature stage, to enter the heart of the Timestorm, escaping through a Tunnel Vortex and resulting in a time warp of 30 minutes forward in time, and 100 miles forward in space.

After 31 years of research Gernon discovered how he had flown those 100 miles in such a short time and never seen the Earth or sky around him. He was captured by what he calls Electronic Fog. There are dozens of planes and boats that have been in this fog through out history. And there are dozens more that have crashed because it can induce spatial disorientation. Many have disappeared and some have even disintegrated. All of the people that have been in this fog thought they were traveling THROUGH the fog. Until Gernon’s theory, no one ever realized it is similar to Saint Elmo’s Fire; it attaches itself to the vessel and travels WITH it.

Whatever happened to Flight 19-five navy bombers that vanished on a routine training mission-and the untold numbers of others who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? What we learn from intrepid adventures like Christopher Columbus, Charles Lindbergh, and Bruce Gernon-the co-author of THE FOG-who survived frightening encounters in the Triangle and lived to tell the tale?

THE FOG presents pilot Bruce Gernon’s groundbreaking new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based upon his own firsthand experiences, eyewitness reports from other close-call Triangle survivors, and leading scientific research. Gernon believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind many of the seemingly paranormal happenings in the Triangle, causing time distortions, pilot disorientation, and equipment malfunctions.

Gernon's exciting new theory of the Bermuda Triangle is based upon his firsthand experiences, reports of other survivors, and scientific research. The notorious Bermuda Triangle hasn’t given up all its secrets. THE FOG explores the Triangle’s connection to UFOs, a secret navy base on Andros Island, and a possible link to a vanished ancient civilization.


Both Bruce Gernon and Rob MacGregor live in South Florida, on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Bruce Gernon is a pilot who has flown extensively in the Caribbean. He has appeared in many documentaries about the Bermuda Triangle. Rob MacGregor has written several books, and has won the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe award in mystery writing.

"The Devil's Triangle" Electronic Music by composer Paul Adcock, Sydney, Australia. Voice-over by Bruce Gernon taken from an Internet Podcast.

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